Thursday, October 05, 2006

And so the adventure continues...
I now reside at one of the most beautiful universities in the world Cité Internationale Universitaire I think it is called! I live in the Canadian House, which was just renovated, so it's quite lovely! I'll take pictures this weekend and post for all to see.
Some highlights this week:
Not homeless any longer (defintely the best part)
Started my job (duh, my whole reason for being here!)
Saw the Sex and the City hotel (from the finale)
Saw where Princess Diana died
Stood where Oprah taped her show
Okay I know this is a short one but when I have internet in my room and I don't have to use a European keyboard I'll have more paitience to type!
Je t'aime tout le monde!


At 3:59 PM , Blogger Barb & Bob said...

Hello from the Rez,
Just wanted to say hello to you and to tell you yhat we are sooo jelous of you. We have company Mike and Eden(hello from the Marston Family.
Have a good time.
Lots oflove and prayers
Aunt Barb And Uncle Bob


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