Friday, January 19, 2007

I detest It was my intention while I was here in Paris to be able to post things each day regarding the simple details of my life. Like how some days I hate the metro. Or how I found the cutest little English book store that I could spend hours in. Or just let whatever is on my mind out. However since blogger has not been that reliable to me in the past I resisted because myspace was so drab. However blogger have a new format and I'm hoping that this will solve my problems.

I've become addicted to blogs. Oh maybe it's intrusive, but I figure if people put the site up there they realized people would look. Essentially, it all started with the Halifornia blog against the Cornucopia of Awesome guy (it was published in the paper, so that's not intrusive, he practically asked me to go there!). The author of the blog writes a lot of controversial things, and I like people that take risks. Some days you can get so riled at what a person writes but truly it makes you look at something from another point of view and how can that be bad? You don't have to believe what he or she says...just listen to it or shut the window and not care. Simple as that.

So if this blogger thing should work, I will in fact write. I don't know if anyone at all will read it, and to be truthful I don't really care. If it gives me a medium to share all the wonderful and hateful things in my life, my thoughts in general, or perhaps random questions that pick at my brain (similar to the email I sent to selected recipients today regarding whether they believe in circumcising boys...I got that from a fellow blogger!) . So that's that.

I welcome comments. Somewhat intelligent ones would be appreciated but I know not everything I write will be intelligent so I'll not put a lot of weight on that. But please be respectful.

See you soon!


At 8:34 PM , Blogger Heather Lee said...

Hey, I saw your comment on my sister's was sweet. I know your sister Lynn, as I am sure you are aware. Loved this post. There certainly are lots of thought-provoking topics on blogger and it IS fun to hear all sides. As long as, like you say, people are respectful. Keep posting and I would love to read!


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