Sunday, January 21, 2007

A weekend in Paris with Audrey...

Well I've just had a splendid weekend in Paris. With Audrey. That's right my ole chum Audrey Hepburn joined me for some fun in Paris. Could you imagine a better person to explore Paris with? Certainly the original Sabrina would know all the sophisticated hangouts, where we would don fabulous dress, pin up our hair and grab a clutch in our gorgeous gloved hand. Oh I so wish that happened! Last weekend I purchased a few movies from a sidewalk sale and saved the best for last. I'd been putting off watching it all week, so that I could come home on Friday, have a nice relaxing meal and curl up with "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I had never seen this movie, though I'd heard wonderful things about so when I saw it I HAD to buy it. And of course I was not disappointed at all. It is of course a keeper! Wonderful movies always put me in a dramatic world, and normally I would dream of travelling to some magnificent place and living the high life...but of course I live in a wonderful place so I was inspired to spend my Saturday in search of the high life!
Of course I'm not deluded enough to believe that there still exist a 1950's sort of place in Paris where I can put on a fancy dress, drink champagne while looking incredibly sexy smoking from one of those fancy cigarette holders. So I settled for roaming! My all time favorite past time in Paris. I grabbed my "1000 Places to Visit Before You Die" to see if there was somewhere in Paris I had yet to see and it said there was a beautiful church on one of the islands. And so I went. I never found the church, however my disappointment quickly faded while I realised I was in fact right next to Pont Neuf. Pont Neuf is a big part of why I fell in love with Paris. A friend used to have a poster in their room that I used to stare and hope that one day I would see it in person. And so there it was. Now, I will admit somethings are just better left in dreams. The bridge was in fact just that, a bridge. Perhaps I was little too caught up in what I thought I'd be doing while strolling across the bridge. Perhaps I was deluded enough to think that I would be strolling that bridge with a Humphrey Bogart type, falling in love, and drinking champagne and looking sexy smoking from one of those fancy cigarette holders. Ok, but the day wasn't a disappointment. I found the most wonderful park in the middle of the Seine where two people were picnicking at the tip and some families had gathered to chat. It would be an incredibly romantic place for someone to propose (hint hint for anyone planning to propose in the next little one in particular of course!)! Anyways I had a wonderful day and another relaxing evening chilling at the house.
And then today I spent with Audrey again. Jessica, the ex-roomie, found a little theatre in the middle of St Michel showing Sabrina. So today I watched the original Sabrina in black and white. My grandparents had lent me the Harrison Ford version of Sabrina before I left for Paris, and from it the joke that I came to Paris to find myself developed. I am the modern day Sabrina, minus the rich guys and the cooking/art classes (depends on the version). It is a wonderful movie and I think I may have developed a love for old movies. It was all so romantic. And to come out of the theatre and actually be in Paris was great.
Ahh, I'm such a sap when it comes to these things. A good old fashioned love story will get me anytime. It's quite surprising that while in general I'm devoid of emotion a movie like this will make me melt. Alright that's enough. I just HAD to tell you all about me and my new friend Audrey. Be sure to leave some recommendations for other old movies that'll stir up my emotions!
And don't worry, I'm putting away the bottles of wine and will return to a less delusional state for work tomorrow.
Living La Vie en Rose,


At 7:24 AM , Blogger Lynn and Donald said...

Sounds oh so romantic and leaves a wonderful picture in my head of Paris. I can't wait to see it all. I will have to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's, it sounds very amazing. Perhaps on my next Lynn Night I will rent it and watch!
Take Care,
PS I finally did somewhat of an update!


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