Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paris Sales...When everything is CHEAP. Even Louis Vuitton (it only costs an arm, not an arm and a leg!)

I've been avoiding the stores in Paris. Why? Because everyone keeps telling me that shopping is so good right now I know that the minute I step in the door I will go CRAZY. Shopping in Paris is always good, and when it's all on sale...oh so much better! But after going a little overboard for Christmas and then with the new single room, my budget basically can't handle any shopping, if I plan to eat that is.

But alas, this morning I woke up and it was so very cold here. Certainly I deserved this cold snap after making fun of all the Canadians freezing off their little keesters. And lucky me, I found out that I left my gloves in Canada. Plus I have no winter scarf. So today I ventures out in my semi winter/spring coat and I'm frozen. So I decide I'm absolutely going to have to go buy gloves and a scarf. I'll go on my lunch break, just a quick trip to Champs Elysee's GAP, pick up the scarf, grab a sandwich and back to work. Ha!

Well I walked with my supervisor to the top of Champs because she was going to the bank and GAP is at the bottom. So I had to pass all the shops. I made a quick trip into Promode because they had these really nice scarves before Christmas that I thought I could pick up. No scarves but pretty much everything else was on for some ridiculously low price and I could feel my heartbeat start to pick up so I hightailed it for the door. Must focus. Scarf. Gloves.

So I walked to GAP. I've never walked so fast and looked only in one direction the entire time. Must not look in stores. Must not see great deals...Made it to GAP. My mom and I saw really nice scarves before Christmas and I thought there might be a good deal. Well there wasn't much selection. I in fact decided not to get one and walked away, but upon my second loop someone had put back a beautiful scarf that I had drooled over before Christmas. It was fate. Angora and Lambs Wool, regular 40€ on for 4€. Yes! The matching gloves were in fact the same price. So I got them. I made a quick move for the counter. Grabbed two pairs of socks off the rack on the way and got in line. I looked to my left. Holy beautiful down vests on sale for 34€!Must stay in line. Must pay and leave. But I really do need a vest, I simply cannot wear my Costco Vest any longer. Nope. That's fine. Just stay in line. I stayed in line and thank goodness, after an eternity and much internal fighting later, it was my turn. I paid. And I walked directly to the vests. They had just been marked down further to 29€. And the first one I picked up was my size.

You think I bought it don't you? You think I was unable to use my willpower (which barely exists) and bought that vest? Well...I didn't. But I ran like hell out of that store. I tripped two elderly women, knock over a rack of sweaters, and gave the security guard a black eye as I ran, limbs flailing out the door.

I went straight back to the office (well after a sandwich stop of course!) and I didn't think about it all afternoon. Not once did I devise a plan that I won't eat for a week in March just so I can look styling in that vest...not once did I think about selling the nice boots that my mom lent me to pay for that vest (and the 2 other shirts I fell in love with on the first loop). Nope I didn't think about it at all.
I'm proud of me. Look at my willpower.
No vest.
I'm good.
Really good...
There's a possibility I may need to be tied to my desk tomorrow and escorted home.
Love ya's!
ps. No actual person was injured during my stop in the GAP. This whole story has been a gross exaggeration. Maybe.
Also, Louis Vuitton isn't actually on sale. When you can afford that stuff...you don't need a sale!


At 4:31 PM , Blogger Lynn and Donald said...

hahahah, Great Post..VERY VIVID! I could imagine you tripping to old gals! I would trip you, but just because I am Jealous that you are going to see Dave! To bad he will be thinking of me when he sings!


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