Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Screaming on the inside and, evidently, the outside as well...
Alright I had a bad day. Nothing in particular was bad about it but I just had one of those days where I got stressed out about things that are beyond my control.

Age 23 is a particularly rough age. I'm supposed to be figuring out my life. I should at least be finding the right path to get on. Everyone says don't worry about it. But don't worry about it is contrary to my nature. I need to worry about it. I need to know that I'm making some progress somewhere. Every now and then I feel like I'm taking two steps back to every one I take ahead. This is an age, where you have the degree and or smarts to get a job, but you can't find a job. Or the age where you have time to travel and explore, be reckless, but you can't afford to do that. It's stressful on this 23 year old mind of mine.
At the height of my stress right before the breakdown I found this on a bloggers site. She wrote it, and it's probably wrong to steal it and put it on here, but I'll link to her site so you can give her her due:

Stop being afraid of what other people think
stop putting on a front to hide who you really are
stop pushing away the people who care about you the most
Stop filling your life with excuses so that you don't have to deal with things that are "too hard"
Stop being scared of life, of love, of being loved
Stop putting up walls
Stop hiding behind them
Stop hurting others just to protect yourself
Stop acting weak and finally be your strong self
Stop trying to have life figured out before you'll even take a baby step
Stop and take a look at yourself, and ask if you're really getting what you want out of life,or if you are just too scared to see what it will bring
Stop and think about how you are called to live.
And then
Start living. Start believing. Start loving

Her name is Bekah, and personally I think she's a genius. Or maybe she's just in the same boat as me and understands. In any case I thought it was good, and I wanted to share.

Ok so to all of you who know someone this age, at this stage in their life. You might want to refrain from asking what they plan to do with their lives...it could be hazardous to your health.

Love love everyone!


At 1:35 PM , Blogger Lynn and Donald said...

I think you are the greatest and will do wonderful things with your life, and knowing what it is isn't important, doing things to your best ability is important, but being happy is the MOST important!
XO Sister..


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