Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The 'O' Effect

While aimlessly fooling around on the Internet I came across a business weekly slide show about Oprah. In particular, her role in many profit rich businesses. The slide show showed 11 or 12 business that got rich off of one tiny Oprah mention. Either Oprah put their product in her magazine on her 'O' list or she mentioned them on her show. Each business had DRASTIC increases in business after Oprah dropped their name. And some lucky businesses got on both the show and in the magazine...Holy Fortune Batman.

Can you imagine being such a powerful person that simply mentioning a product could put someone on Easy Street financially...or maybe the nuthouse from the flocks of people that storm them?! Now clearly, celebrity endorsement must work; many celebs/athletes have endorsement deals with big companies but I'm not so sure it amounts to the proportions that Oprah has reached. You don't hear about 'Britney' effect for Pepsi, and I will certainly throw myself from the Eiffel Tower if there is a 'KFed' effect for Nationwide Insurance. If anything people should boycott those products because...never mind I digress and those two don't need ANY MORE publicity! An entire economic effect though...I think I'll do my MBA thesis on " The 'O' Effect: How her endorsements change the economy". Sign me up. I smell an 'A+'!

So Oprah is the world's richest female entertainer according to Forbes, and my word she's practically superhuman, I'd say she should be rich to boot! Simply put Oprah can do whatever the H**L she wants. There's no end to it. People trust her. Look at the women of North America, we abide by what she says, we watch what she does, we read what she reads, and evidently we buy what she buys. When Hermes snubbed 'O', you could smell the smoke of all the North Americans burning their Hermes scarves all the way across the Atlantic. We love Oprah.

Point is, I'm just amazed by her and what she manages to accomplish. I don't know how she does it. I don't know how she created the near religion like following...but damn share the love why don't you? I wrote you for tickets like 5 years ago...and I've yet to hear a word! Hook my mama up...

Love love lovers!


At 10:34 AM , Blogger Lynn and Donald said...

Great Blog, maybe you could get an "O" endorsement on your thesis, then it will definitely get an A+. Well I am off to see what "O" thinks I should do today!!

At 6:26 PM , Blogger Sandalina said...

I love O. She is one of my mentors. Amazing lady!


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