Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Music through the walls...

Well since my move to the basement, I've discovered a few things. One, that no one really uses the kitchen down here, so my social interaction has been halved, if not more. When you live in a residence like this, social gatherings happen while making dinner. And no one really uses this kitchen at all. I may actually have to climb a few flights of stairs and cook in my old kitchen to ensure I am appearing to be at least a little socially involved!

The other is that there is so much talent in this building it's incredible. I'm either blessed or very unfortunate to have been put in the hallway with the music room. If I'm not mistaken there are actually two music rooms in the hall. So I am, most evenings surrounded by music. The piansts here are absolutely amazing. At our little "soiree" that I participated in before Christmas I was simply amazed by the skills of some people. There were two piansts (totally different styles), a clarinet player, and a soprano. They were incredible. And now I find that next door to me is a guitarist. And he is CRAZY AMAZING. When he plays, you swear there are like 6 people in there playing because it just sounds so good...and full (does that make sense?). It's like he's playing the parts of three people. Tonight I was laying in bed reading (The State of the Union, by Douglas Kennedy...good book!) and he's practising in his room next to me...and it was just so very nice and relaxing. And just as he stops, someone starts on the piano in the music room. It was lovely. I'm so impressed by the talent in this building.

On a related does suck to have the music room on one side and a guitarist on the other side. When they both practice at's a bit stressful. And also I find that many of the students and artists keep very different hours than I do. I, unlike many of them, have to get up at 7:30am, so needless to say I go to bed a bit earlier than many. And I wasn't particularily happy at 1:30am on Monday to be woken up to very loud piano AND the soprano practicing together (i had my bedroom window open and they had the music room window open, which meant it was like they were in my room!) Needless to say, I was upset but I got over it, and was lulled back to sleep by the music, with the occasional jolting awake when it was piano fortissimo!

Alright, well it's late and it's probably going to take about an hour to fall asleep because for once there's action in my kitchen...what appears to be a dance party. At 11:30, on a Wednesday. Crazy Parisian/Canadian Students/Artists!

love love


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