Sunday, March 04, 2007

La Vie en Rose, with the girls of CB

Ok so this is a bit late coming but for any of you wondering....I had a blast with my girlies!

So the girls week, sorry their 5 days here, was great. It went by oh so quick and I didn't get to see as much of them as I would have liked to, but it was fabulous. Some of the highlights would include:

  • Champagne and strawberries (to start the trip off right!)
  • Tea with Dr. Sun
  • Monmartre (mainly the ten million flights of stairs that gave us butts o'steel, wishful thinking)
  • Music quiz at the Long Hop
  • Versailles (aka Mary-Ann's house)
  • Almost missing Cabaret (ok this wasn't a highlight, this was a disaster but worth remembering, it almost cost me 351 Euro)
  • The man who drew our picture (Es looked like Mona Lisa, Dawn looked normal, and I wished that I actually looked like the girl he drew!)
  • The bad wine, checking our pulse and the boys across the hall who heard every word we said...
  • The Eiffel Tower (crying at the base of it, JDoggPop: scared man we took pictures of to email him, the Canadian Physio's at the top, Paris at Night)
  • And of course breaking all the wine glasses and losing the key AFTER the safety deposit was returned.

It was a great week. I love my girlies...the last time we spent that much concentrated time together must have been going to Quebec in Grade 9. They brought me lots of presents from some great people. You know when you move to another continent people feel the need to shower you with's great, you should try it. Everyone will at least send you Kraft Dinner, and really is there anything better than that?!

I wish they could have spent more time here, then we wouldn't have had to stuff everything into that short amount of time, but I think it was a success! They got to see this beautiful city that I live in, and me, well I got a little bit of home, and two of best girls in the world! Thanks for coming girls, maybe you'll meet me at my next stop...or I'll meet you on yours...

Esther, Dawn and I at the Long Hop

Ok more pics to well as my trip to Scotland! It just takes so long to upload the pics!
Keep checking back for the updates. Love and miss you all!

Kate xo


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