Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The 'O' Effect

While aimlessly fooling around on the Internet I came across a business weekly slide show about Oprah. In particular, her role in many profit rich businesses. The slide show showed 11 or 12 business that got rich off of one tiny Oprah mention. Either Oprah put their product in her magazine on her 'O' list or she mentioned them on her show. Each business had DRASTIC increases in business after Oprah dropped their name. And some lucky businesses got on both the show and in the magazine...Holy Fortune Batman.

Can you imagine being such a powerful person that simply mentioning a product could put someone on Easy Street financially...or maybe the nuthouse from the flocks of people that storm them?! Now clearly, celebrity endorsement must work; many celebs/athletes have endorsement deals with big companies but I'm not so sure it amounts to the proportions that Oprah has reached. You don't hear about 'Britney' effect for Pepsi, and I will certainly throw myself from the Eiffel Tower if there is a 'KFed' effect for Nationwide Insurance. If anything people should boycott those products because...never mind I digress and those two don't need ANY MORE publicity! An entire economic effect though...I think I'll do my MBA thesis on " The 'O' Effect: How her endorsements change the economy". Sign me up. I smell an 'A+'!

So Oprah is the world's richest female entertainer according to Forbes, and my word she's practically superhuman, I'd say she should be rich to boot! Simply put Oprah can do whatever the H**L she wants. There's no end to it. People trust her. Look at the women of North America, we abide by what she says, we watch what she does, we read what she reads, and evidently we buy what she buys. When Hermes snubbed 'O', you could smell the smoke of all the North Americans burning their Hermes scarves all the way across the Atlantic. We love Oprah.

Point is, I'm just amazed by her and what she manages to accomplish. I don't know how she does it. I don't know how she created the near religion like following...but damn share the love why don't you? I wrote you for tickets like 5 years ago...and I've yet to hear a word! Hook my mama up...

Love love lovers!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wait for it...

So I had a great post for today but I've just spent my entire night on something I had to get done and I'm exhausted wait for it!

But in the meantime, I found this blog today which I find very interesting. I think everyone should take a look at. It's called post secrets. People mail in their secrets on postcards and they are posted here. Some are funny, some are sad, some are way out there. But it's always a good way to waste few minutes. The link is:

This a sample. I picked an appropriate one for myself!

Alright, check it out! Waste some time and see into other people's crazy lives...

love love

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where oh where should we go?

Well I had a bit of a waste weekend. Saturday started promising, a nice sleep in (little did I know, I was going to spend the entire weekend in bed!) and I got dressed and went to Champs. I had to find a club that I have to go to tomorrow for a lunch date. I'm meeting up with a former SMU prof and she's taking me to her private club...which looks incredibly posh by the way, so I'll let you know how it goes. I stopped at Virgin to pick up some earphones cause my iPod ones stopped working on me and also a map of Europe! Unfortunately I started feeling a little "seedy" after Virgin so I thought I'd head home. I had a bit of a headache and was feeling a little tired, but thought a good meal would fix me right up. So I made some goulash (which I definitely regretted at 3am) and knew not long after that I'd be spending my Sunday in bed. I'd mistaken the "seedy" feeling for hunger but it was in fact a migrane. Unfortunately my triggers and signs that I'm getting a migrane are not consistent so I'm not able to tell when I get them. So I spent today in bed, but it wasn't a relatively bad one and I'm hoping it will have vanished by tomorrow!

Ok so the real point of the post! Kyle and I are planning a trip in April. He's coming for two weeks and we want to see as much as possible (hence the map purchase at Virgin!). So where we want to go is all over the map and I have no idea how to pin down what would be a good area to go to. So thought I'd ask for some suggestions. Places people have been to...or wish they could go to...let me know. We're pretty open to anything and anywhere. I'd love to visit Greece and Italy. He suggested Spain and the Czech Republic, which I would also love to see. There's oh so many possibilities and I'm horrible at making decisions so help a brother out here!

Alright I should go to bed. I mean I should sleep because I've been in this bed all day...
Love you all!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Susceptible to the bubonic plague...

While ordering in lunch today my supervisor, the temp and I got into a discussion about food and blood type, and the supposed relationship between the two. The temp is semi vegetarian and barely eats any meat whatsoever. However my supervisor says that if she cuts meat out of her diet that she gets really tired and cranky. Funny you should mention too! According to her, she said that Blood Type plays a role in what one should eat. Type O like herself and I should fill our diet with lots of MEAT! Because Type O blood is the oldest blood type that exists, we should therefore should follow the diet of our ancestors, a diet full of meat.

Ok so it made me curious. I thought it strange that she and I shared the same symptoms from lack of meat in our diets. So I did like any person would do, I googled it! I had no idea there is an entire diet fad related to this called, surprisingly, The Blood Type Diet. Now if I were I science student, perhaps I could explain to you the reasoning for all of this, but I can barely grasp it myself, so you can feel free to check it out here: (this isn't Dr. d'Adamo's site, but it's a bit easier to comprehend!)

The majority of articles I found flat out dissed this diet saying it basically had no scientific back up whatsoever. Which wasn't a surprise to me. I know that the reason I feel good when I eat meat, in particular red meat, is because I have incredibly low iron so my body has a little party every time I have a steak. Perhaps I'll mention this to my supervisor, and explain it may not be due to the fact that we are supposed to follow the diets of the neanderthals!

I personally don't believe that dieting works. Correction: FAD dieting doesn't work. I've seen way too many people try one of those crazy the cabbage soup diet (GROSS!) and come crashing down only to find themselves in the drive thru for McDonald's. But I was certainly intrigued by the supposed genetic predispositions that we apparently have according to our blood type.

Type O and B are susceptible to the bubonic plague and scarlet fever (good thing this isn't the 1700's!) while Type A is supposedly more susceptible to diabetes and cancer. Now I didn't see any scientific data to back this up (like I'd understand it anyway!) but they were debating Dr d'Adamo for not doing they'd be hypocritical if they didn't do theirs. Here's the site, you can check it out:

I also found that 98% of Natives have type O blood. Now that's definitely a handy fact, and something I will use a conversation starter the next time I go to visit the family. "So...Uncle Pep...betcha I can guess you're blood type!"

Oh and one more bone to pick with the dieting thing...a good friend sent me a site recommendation for vegetarians ( ). I'm certainly not a vegetarian though it was an informative site if you are thinking of becoming a veggie! But it also made me incredibly angry that they practically screamed at me that I was an animal killer. Admittedly, yes an animal did die, but I believe in the food chain and the Circle of Life! Me of food chain! I have a lot of respect for those who can healthily live as vegetarians, and I respect their decisions. I have many a friend who are veggies, and they are very respectful of me and allow me to eat my meat, and I'm always sure to cook veggie when they come over. But I don't think I'll be joining you anytime soon though...I'm Type O.

Alright...just some food for thought....hahaha I made a funny!

love love

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Music through the walls...

Well since my move to the basement, I've discovered a few things. One, that no one really uses the kitchen down here, so my social interaction has been halved, if not more. When you live in a residence like this, social gatherings happen while making dinner. And no one really uses this kitchen at all. I may actually have to climb a few flights of stairs and cook in my old kitchen to ensure I am appearing to be at least a little socially involved!

The other is that there is so much talent in this building it's incredible. I'm either blessed or very unfortunate to have been put in the hallway with the music room. If I'm not mistaken there are actually two music rooms in the hall. So I am, most evenings surrounded by music. The piansts here are absolutely amazing. At our little "soiree" that I participated in before Christmas I was simply amazed by the skills of some people. There were two piansts (totally different styles), a clarinet player, and a soprano. They were incredible. And now I find that next door to me is a guitarist. And he is CRAZY AMAZING. When he plays, you swear there are like 6 people in there playing because it just sounds so good...and full (does that make sense?). It's like he's playing the parts of three people. Tonight I was laying in bed reading (The State of the Union, by Douglas Kennedy...good book!) and he's practising in his room next to me...and it was just so very nice and relaxing. And just as he stops, someone starts on the piano in the music room. It was lovely. I'm so impressed by the talent in this building.

On a related does suck to have the music room on one side and a guitarist on the other side. When they both practice at's a bit stressful. And also I find that many of the students and artists keep very different hours than I do. I, unlike many of them, have to get up at 7:30am, so needless to say I go to bed a bit earlier than many. And I wasn't particularily happy at 1:30am on Monday to be woken up to very loud piano AND the soprano practicing together (i had my bedroom window open and they had the music room window open, which meant it was like they were in my room!) Needless to say, I was upset but I got over it, and was lulled back to sleep by the music, with the occasional jolting awake when it was piano fortissimo!

Alright, well it's late and it's probably going to take about an hour to fall asleep because for once there's action in my kitchen...what appears to be a dance party. At 11:30, on a Wednesday. Crazy Parisian/Canadian Students/Artists!

love love

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Paris Sales...When everything is CHEAP. Even Louis Vuitton (it only costs an arm, not an arm and a leg!)

I've been avoiding the stores in Paris. Why? Because everyone keeps telling me that shopping is so good right now I know that the minute I step in the door I will go CRAZY. Shopping in Paris is always good, and when it's all on sale...oh so much better! But after going a little overboard for Christmas and then with the new single room, my budget basically can't handle any shopping, if I plan to eat that is.

But alas, this morning I woke up and it was so very cold here. Certainly I deserved this cold snap after making fun of all the Canadians freezing off their little keesters. And lucky me, I found out that I left my gloves in Canada. Plus I have no winter scarf. So today I ventures out in my semi winter/spring coat and I'm frozen. So I decide I'm absolutely going to have to go buy gloves and a scarf. I'll go on my lunch break, just a quick trip to Champs Elysee's GAP, pick up the scarf, grab a sandwich and back to work. Ha!

Well I walked with my supervisor to the top of Champs because she was going to the bank and GAP is at the bottom. So I had to pass all the shops. I made a quick trip into Promode because they had these really nice scarves before Christmas that I thought I could pick up. No scarves but pretty much everything else was on for some ridiculously low price and I could feel my heartbeat start to pick up so I hightailed it for the door. Must focus. Scarf. Gloves.

So I walked to GAP. I've never walked so fast and looked only in one direction the entire time. Must not look in stores. Must not see great deals...Made it to GAP. My mom and I saw really nice scarves before Christmas and I thought there might be a good deal. Well there wasn't much selection. I in fact decided not to get one and walked away, but upon my second loop someone had put back a beautiful scarf that I had drooled over before Christmas. It was fate. Angora and Lambs Wool, regular 40€ on for 4€. Yes! The matching gloves were in fact the same price. So I got them. I made a quick move for the counter. Grabbed two pairs of socks off the rack on the way and got in line. I looked to my left. Holy beautiful down vests on sale for 34€!Must stay in line. Must pay and leave. But I really do need a vest, I simply cannot wear my Costco Vest any longer. Nope. That's fine. Just stay in line. I stayed in line and thank goodness, after an eternity and much internal fighting later, it was my turn. I paid. And I walked directly to the vests. They had just been marked down further to 29€. And the first one I picked up was my size.

You think I bought it don't you? You think I was unable to use my willpower (which barely exists) and bought that vest? Well...I didn't. But I ran like hell out of that store. I tripped two elderly women, knock over a rack of sweaters, and gave the security guard a black eye as I ran, limbs flailing out the door.

I went straight back to the office (well after a sandwich stop of course!) and I didn't think about it all afternoon. Not once did I devise a plan that I won't eat for a week in March just so I can look styling in that vest...not once did I think about selling the nice boots that my mom lent me to pay for that vest (and the 2 other shirts I fell in love with on the first loop). Nope I didn't think about it at all.
I'm proud of me. Look at my willpower.
No vest.
I'm good.
Really good...
There's a possibility I may need to be tied to my desk tomorrow and escorted home.
Love ya's!
ps. No actual person was injured during my stop in the GAP. This whole story has been a gross exaggeration. Maybe.
Also, Louis Vuitton isn't actually on sale. When you can afford that don't need a sale!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A weekend in Paris with Audrey...

Well I've just had a splendid weekend in Paris. With Audrey. That's right my ole chum Audrey Hepburn joined me for some fun in Paris. Could you imagine a better person to explore Paris with? Certainly the original Sabrina would know all the sophisticated hangouts, where we would don fabulous dress, pin up our hair and grab a clutch in our gorgeous gloved hand. Oh I so wish that happened! Last weekend I purchased a few movies from a sidewalk sale and saved the best for last. I'd been putting off watching it all week, so that I could come home on Friday, have a nice relaxing meal and curl up with "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I had never seen this movie, though I'd heard wonderful things about so when I saw it I HAD to buy it. And of course I was not disappointed at all. It is of course a keeper! Wonderful movies always put me in a dramatic world, and normally I would dream of travelling to some magnificent place and living the high life...but of course I live in a wonderful place so I was inspired to spend my Saturday in search of the high life!
Of course I'm not deluded enough to believe that there still exist a 1950's sort of place in Paris where I can put on a fancy dress, drink champagne while looking incredibly sexy smoking from one of those fancy cigarette holders. So I settled for roaming! My all time favorite past time in Paris. I grabbed my "1000 Places to Visit Before You Die" to see if there was somewhere in Paris I had yet to see and it said there was a beautiful church on one of the islands. And so I went. I never found the church, however my disappointment quickly faded while I realised I was in fact right next to Pont Neuf. Pont Neuf is a big part of why I fell in love with Paris. A friend used to have a poster in their room that I used to stare and hope that one day I would see it in person. And so there it was. Now, I will admit somethings are just better left in dreams. The bridge was in fact just that, a bridge. Perhaps I was little too caught up in what I thought I'd be doing while strolling across the bridge. Perhaps I was deluded enough to think that I would be strolling that bridge with a Humphrey Bogart type, falling in love, and drinking champagne and looking sexy smoking from one of those fancy cigarette holders. Ok, but the day wasn't a disappointment. I found the most wonderful park in the middle of the Seine where two people were picnicking at the tip and some families had gathered to chat. It would be an incredibly romantic place for someone to propose (hint hint for anyone planning to propose in the next little one in particular of course!)! Anyways I had a wonderful day and another relaxing evening chilling at the house.
And then today I spent with Audrey again. Jessica, the ex-roomie, found a little theatre in the middle of St Michel showing Sabrina. So today I watched the original Sabrina in black and white. My grandparents had lent me the Harrison Ford version of Sabrina before I left for Paris, and from it the joke that I came to Paris to find myself developed. I am the modern day Sabrina, minus the rich guys and the cooking/art classes (depends on the version). It is a wonderful movie and I think I may have developed a love for old movies. It was all so romantic. And to come out of the theatre and actually be in Paris was great.
Ahh, I'm such a sap when it comes to these things. A good old fashioned love story will get me anytime. It's quite surprising that while in general I'm devoid of emotion a movie like this will make me melt. Alright that's enough. I just HAD to tell you all about me and my new friend Audrey. Be sure to leave some recommendations for other old movies that'll stir up my emotions!
And don't worry, I'm putting away the bottles of wine and will return to a less delusional state for work tomorrow.
Living La Vie en Rose,

Friday, January 19, 2007

I detest It was my intention while I was here in Paris to be able to post things each day regarding the simple details of my life. Like how some days I hate the metro. Or how I found the cutest little English book store that I could spend hours in. Or just let whatever is on my mind out. However since blogger has not been that reliable to me in the past I resisted because myspace was so drab. However blogger have a new format and I'm hoping that this will solve my problems.

I've become addicted to blogs. Oh maybe it's intrusive, but I figure if people put the site up there they realized people would look. Essentially, it all started with the Halifornia blog against the Cornucopia of Awesome guy (it was published in the paper, so that's not intrusive, he practically asked me to go there!). The author of the blog writes a lot of controversial things, and I like people that take risks. Some days you can get so riled at what a person writes but truly it makes you look at something from another point of view and how can that be bad? You don't have to believe what he or she says...just listen to it or shut the window and not care. Simple as that.

So if this blogger thing should work, I will in fact write. I don't know if anyone at all will read it, and to be truthful I don't really care. If it gives me a medium to share all the wonderful and hateful things in my life, my thoughts in general, or perhaps random questions that pick at my brain (similar to the email I sent to selected recipients today regarding whether they believe in circumcising boys...I got that from a fellow blogger!) . So that's that.

I welcome comments. Somewhat intelligent ones would be appreciated but I know not everything I write will be intelligent so I'll not put a lot of weight on that. But please be respectful.

See you soon!